Enjoyed and learned  a lot in your class and appreciate your zeal and knowledge.
Doug M. February 16-17, 2018


Dear Ron,
   First, thank you for a fabulous Concealed Carry Class this past Friday and Saturday.  Donna and I are both grateful for your thoroughness and your passion surrounding the responsibilities and opportunities of caring a concealed weapon. Similarly we are appreciative of the time and patience you took with us surrounding our qualifying at the shooting range; thank you, thank you! We will do our best to be responsible citizens as we carry as we keep in mind the many important things you taught us.

Tom & Donna S.  January 19-20, 2018


Ron, thank you for such a thorough class of instruction February 17 and 18. I appreciate your dedication to our cause of freedom and your support of the U.S. Constitution. I enjoyed your presentation and all the input from our class. Thanks again for keeping us informed.

Jack M. February 17-18, 2017 


Hi Ron, 
I just wanted to thank you for an enjoyable and very informative class. I spent 4 years as an instructor in the Navy and another 4 years of college. I feel I have seen many very good and very bad Instructors and you are among the top of the best!  I really enjoyed it. I feel like I learned a great deal.
Best of Everything to You,

Brenda T.

January 27-28, 2017

​Ron Kauffman's Concealed Carry Class is awesome on so many levels.  Engaging, detailed, highly informative and motivational.  Ron's presentation teaches you to become more aware of yourself and your surroundings which is more important than ever these days.  This man is passionate about what he teaches, which is all the more why it lends itself to being a great investment.

Doreen D. 

November 18-19, 2016


I always like giving feedback when I feel I have been well serviced, and I feel that about your CCP course. You may use my comments on your website and include my first name and last name initial. 

Recently I took Ron Kauffman’s Concealed Carry Handgun Training Course. I should say I am a retired Army officer, but even after a career in uniform, the limited training the Army provided me years ago was long gone from my memory banks. 

So while I remembered the basic gun safety rules, I had limited knowledge of handgun use and knew nothing of NC laws regarding concealed carry. Ron’s instruction gave me all of that and more. Beginning with a very frank discussion of the responsibilities one incurs as soon as one conceals a handgun, to the legalities and risks, the mechanics of handguns, safe gun handling and much more, Ron covered it all in a day and a half and concluded with defensive firing practice on a range.

This course is a must-do for anyone considering concealed carry and a really smart idea for anyone just wanting to become more comfortable and confident around handguns. And while there may be some instructors offering the course for a little less money, no one delivers more bang for the buck!

Charles F.   Business Development Advisor

November 18-19, 2016


Taking Ron's class, you'll not only ENSURE that you get the information you need to pass the course                                            required to get your CC permit, you'll also get vital information that any responsibly armed American needs                               to know.

Ron treated the subject matter with the seriousness it deserves, yet still managed to make the class                                           enjoyable and engaging. I can't believe the low fee INCLUDES a $30 book, range time, targets, and a FREE                                   gourmet lunch? Who does that? If you want the best experience you can have for this kind of course, Ron is                             your guy. 


L.F.  Corporate Executive and Desert Storm Veteran, Hendersonville, NC

September 16-17, 2016


Great course!!! Ron presented the information in a manner that all could readily understand.  The data was                               offered in various forms, verbally, visually, and hands on.  No boring moments.  Thanks, Ron, for your                                         expert knowledge and patience. 

Joe D.

April 8-9, 2016


Ron:  Thanks you for the excellent training you provided over the last 2 days.  We found the information                                     was provided in a concise manner and the 2 day format worked extremely well. The legal aspects of the                                   training were very helpful and enlightening. We walked away confident that we could handle various                                         situations and being more aware of our surroundings (or living in the yellow). We will happily recommend                                 you to our friends.

Thanks again,
Conrad W.

April 8-9, 2016


Ron,  Just wanted to thank you for class over the last 2 days. Your enthusiasm along with your knowledge of firearms and the law was more informative than what I had ever expected.  You go far beyond the necessities needed for a Concealed carry permit which is so much more needed to be fully informed about how to safely handle a handgun.  The range time again was excellent with your direction and help made it a lot of fun too.
Your attention to detail was excellent and no one else that I have heard about teaching this class in Henderson County holds a candle to you. There was no pressure put on us in the class, making it a great environment to learn.
My advice to others is that even if you are not planning to get a concealed carry permit you should take this course if you are interested in learning about handgun safety or plan to purchase one solely for home defense.

Ron, whatever I can do to support your classes, consider it done.
Thanks again,
Mike C. - March 18-19, 2016

Ron, thank you for the truly informative and entertaining class this past week-end. Your passion and knowledge of the subject matter comes across loud and clear.  Despite no previous experience, I learned a lot in a short amount of time about the responsibilities of owning a gun, gun safety issues and how the NC laws apply to a variety of situations.  I would highly recommend your class to anyone wanting concealed carry training. Thanks again,
Lorna R. - Feb. 19-20, 2016


Ron, thanks for the very enjoyable and informative CCW class. There is absolutely no comparison between your course and the course I took to qualify for my Florida CCW: yours was much better! Your class addressed the subject and many topics in a very professional manner. Thanks again for your time, effort, and understanding of my (our) needs.

Eddie L. - Feb. 19-20, 2016

Thanks Ron for all your expertise, your very generous lunch and coffee for we caffeine addicts.  Here's my review of your course: Having finished this 2-day course. I can say it truly was most fascinating to say the very least.  You gave very good NC statutes in layman's terms with extreme emphasis on gun safety.  So much so that I was a bit intimidated to fire my gun for my first time.  Most people would say why kind of review is that?  I say a darn good start! I learned good habits, I learned to respect the handgun as a weapon that will protect me if me or my family are threatened. I am NOT afraid to defend myself.  It was also obvious to me that your core values are properly constitutional! Your firm beliefs are why I took the course in the first place!  Your's course is the best, well worth the price and very well run! 
OUT OF FIFTY ROUNDS; 4 were out of the poster. 46 bullet holes graced the chest and head. I would say that's good shooting without having ever touched a handgun. My target is hanging in my home!  ;-)  RON, I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH. 

Sincerely, 56 year old Nurse "Ryan"
 Darci O'Neill RN, FNE - Feb 5-6, 2016

Ron, thanks for your excellent CC instruction this past weekend Feb 5-6, 2016. I found your class to be so much different than I thought it would be, all in a good way. The content and the way it was presented was essential, informative and fun without losing the seriousness necessary to appreciate the subject matter. After having seen the venues and materials used by other instructors, I appreciate even more the effort and preparation you have undertaken to be, in my opinion, the only instructor to employ. Thank you again.

John B.  - Feb 5-6, 2016
Ron, thanks for the hours you dedicated to teaching the CCW class this weekend.  We appreciated your organizational skills, keeping the class on time and on task and the excellent materials you provided with the class fee. Friday's lunch was also great!

We also really were impressed with our time on the gun range.  Your attention to detail, your one on one coaching and your spot-on tips really improved our shooting in a very short period of time.  
We would enthusiastically recommend your class to anyone of any skill level.  Thanks again for your dedication.
Clint & Carol V. - Feb 5-6, 2016 
RON:  I appreciate everything you have done for me and mentoring me with advice whenever you do so :) Thank you for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to take that class and get licensed to carry and especially in YOUR class. Your so full of life and wit wotj a great semse of humor. Your class was an "easy to learn" show and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Can't wait for the following days I get to spend with you in the Academy class. Take care and thank you. You don't know how much what you have allowed me to do means to me. Again thank you. I have already told all my friends to take your class, and I hope they do so cause this has been worth it! 


Mani B. - Feb 5-6 2016 
I'm so glad I took your class instead of any other. I really enjoyed it, and most importantly I learned a lot.    When I get my gun I'll let you know. I'm sure I will need more help.   Thank you again, and thanks for lunch too.

Sharon H. - January 29-30, 2016 

HI Ron,
You had a great class. I have been through these types of classes 4 times and yours was by far the best.  

David D.  January 19-20, 2016

Ron, this is a belated thanks for a great job leading last week’s class!   Your passion and talent for guiding newbies into the NC world of concealed handguns was better than I could have even hoped for.  I know that you don’t do this for the money, but considering the instruction quality/value that you provide, I think you really could easily increase the course fee $25 or $50 without limiting anyone’s ability to participate.

Gary L. - January 15-16, 2016 

Ron, the reason your class was so good was that you focused on what was the purpose of the course and concealed carry law.  Actual shooting was more or less secondary and you taught fundamentals ---basic handgun handling, which was totally appropriate for the level of the class. There was a variety of experience  but most, I think, were not experienced shooters, I think one or two had never shot a gun before.

That’s why I thought your course was so good.  You concentrated on the responsibilities and requirements that go with carrying a concealed handgun.  Plus you had balanced it with both classroom and range basic instruction.

I’m more than happy to tell Sheriff McDonald about the quality and thoroughness  of your classes.  I’m arranging for him to put on his Community Programs for Carriage Park and maybe some other communities.   By the way,  I have also been telling my friends to sign up for your course if they plan to get a concealed carry permit.

Warm  regards, see you at the range,

H.S. - November 13-14, 2015 

Ron, my friend, I picked up my permit on Monday! Thank you for your very compassionate understanding during my range qualification. My response to the scenario was an unexpected response to my PTSD.  I have highly recommended your class to many of my friends. We are looking for your next announcement. May God Bless you and your family this Christmas season!  A friend for life,

Pat T. - October 16-17, 2015
P.S. Making trips to gun range...already over the "hump!" 




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